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Agentless queue

Good news! Microsoft updates the behavior of its queues when no one is logged in. It will now be possible to route calls elsewhere when no one is logged in or registered in a call queue. Options include routing calls to another queue, disconnecting the call, sending the call to shared voicemail or to an external number. This feature will be useful for organizations that need to manage calls across different time zones. To access this new parameter, simply edit one of your existing queues and select the exceptions section, where the delay and overflow options are already located. You’ll also see a new summary of your configured options.

You can apply this new setting to all your queued calls, or only to new calls entering the queue. 

In addition, please note that this exception will only occur under the following conditions: 

  • Presence-based routing is disabled: No agent is registered in the queue.
  • Presence-based routing is activated: No agents connected or all agents in offline appearance mode. 

If agents are logged in or registered, calls will be queued.


Microsoft – Learn – Setting up a queue

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