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M365 Community Day MTL 2024

Dear participants, I wanted to thank you for attending the M365 Community MTL 2024 event. For those who would like to revisit the topics covered during my session, you will find below the content presented. Don’t hesitate to consult it to deepen your understanding of discuted hybrid mode collaboration and

Logitech MeetUp 2

May 21st was a day of unveiling for Logitech. In fact, they have announced a number of new features, including a new USB audio/video bar, the MeetUp 2. An excellent table companion for a BYOD(Bring Your On Device)/PAP(TakeYour Own Personal Device) environment. Connectivity MeetUp 2 stands out for its ease

Microsoft Places in public pre-release

I’m delighted to share this exciting news with you! Today, Microsoft announced that Microsoft Places is now available as a public pre-release. Microsoft Places is an application designed to enrich your flexible working experience thanks to artificial intelligence. It aims to harmonize physical and digital space, enabling more natural and

MTRoW update

Microsoft has released the update for Teams Rooms on Windows, introducing a series of innovative features and significant improvements that promise to enrich the user experience. New Teams client: This update integrates the new Teams application now available on the Teams desktop client with Microsoft Teams conference rooms on

MTRoW remote access now available

Available since April 23rdMicrosoft Teams Rooms Pro management allows Teams Rooms Pro managers to securely connect remotely to a Teams Rooms device via the Teams Room Pro management portal to resolve hardware and/or software configuration issues on Teams Rooms devices on Windows. Teams Rooms Pro Management remote access supports all

InfoTelecom 2024

For those in the know today I’m giving a presentation on Microsoft shared strategies, as well as an overview of the Anywhere365 contact center. Below you’ll find my content. Thank you to everyone who came to my performance and to the organizers of InfoTélécom 2024. Présentation InfoTélécom Télécharger

Teams innovations at Enterprise Connect 2024

Microsoft recently unveiled a series of exciting innovations for Microsoft Teams atEnterprise Connect 2024. For those of you who don’t know what Enterprise Connect is, it’s an annual conference focusing on business communication technologies. It brings together industry leaders, solution providers, technical experts and IT professionals to discuss trends, challenges

PowerShell module update v6.1.0

Microsoft has released a new version of their PowerShell Module, version 6.1.0. This version is now generally available and contains the following updates: Adds the BlockAllSubDomains parameter to the Set-CsTenantFederationConfiguration cmdlet. Adds new parameters to [Set|New]-CsCallQueue cmdlets to configure the courtesy callback. Publishes cmdlets [Get|New|Set|Grant]-CsTeamsMediaConnectivityPolicy. Publishes cmdlets [Get|New|Set|Grant]-CsTeamsWorkLocationDetectionPolicy. [CHANGEMENT MAJEUR]

Logitech Sync – Teams update channel

For a Microsoft Teams room to function optimally, it is essential that the devices used for calls and meetings are regularly updated and comply with the Microsoft-certified versions available HERE . Logitech has therefore added an interesting option to their Sync room management platform, which will simplify the updating process

Queues App

Today, at Enterprise Connect 2024, Microsoft made an important announcement concerning Microsoft Teams, introducing new features and enhancements. Among these new features, the “Queue App” was highlighted, promising to optimize call management and the customer experience within your company. The Queues application will therefore be a native Microsoft Teams, enabling

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