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Teams Premium adoption kit

Microsoft has recently launched an adoption kit for the Microsoft Teams Premium license. This license brings you the latest technologies to make your meetings more intelligent, personalized and protected. Whether for one-to-one meetings, large meetings, virtual appointments or webinars, Teams Premium is here to help! The main lines As the

Adjust your QoS

An essential practice in IP telephony is to give priority to real-time traffic on your network. To achieve this, it is crucial to apply quality of service (QoS) wherever possible. Microsoft Teams, as a software application, requires specific configuration to guarantee an optimal experience. This configuration is based on Windows

What’s new at ISE 2024

The ISE 2024 conference, held recently in the beautiful city of Barcelona, was a must-attend event for technology enthusiasts, industry professionals and the curious eager to discover. This year, the vibrant halls of the conference center welcomed exhibitors from all over the world, unveiling products and solutions that will shape

PowerShell module update v5.9.0

Microsoft has released a new version of their PowerShell Module, version 5.9.0. This version is now generally available and contains the following updates: Adds support for managed identity-based authentication for *-Cs command applets using the -Identity parameter in Connect-MicrosoftTeams in commercial environments. Some command applets that don’t support application-based authentication

Microsoft Teams on Apple Vision Pro

Microsoft has just announced that Microsoft Teams will be available on the new Apple Vision Pro when it launches on February 2. Microsoft Teams will bring engaging spatial computing experiences within reach with the intelligent workspace on Apple Vision Pro. From February 2, users will be able to download Teams

Duplicate an online meeting

Great news today for those who manage events with Microsoft Teams! Microsoft will be introducing a new feature in March 2024 that will allow us to easily reuse information from previously scheduled Teams events such as Town Hall and Wébinaire, without having to manually recreate similar events from scratch. This

Poly CCX EM60

If you use Poly’s CCX series phones, you may be interested in the new Poly CCX EM60 side car expansion module. It’s an accessory that connects to your CCX phone to give you greater functionality and flexibility. In this article, I’ll introduce you to the features and benefits of this

Microsoft Teams invitation enhancements

You’re probably all familiar with the famous Microsoft Teams invitation with the link to join an online meeting! Well, Microsoft is going to make a few improvements and design changes to ensure that your customers have the most important information and that it’s better grouped together.  When it happens: Microsoft

New One Drive application in Teams

Microsoft OneDrive is at the heart of your file management experience in Microsoft 365, storing and protecting your files, but also making it easy to share, collaborate and discover. As announced at the unveiling of the new generation of OneDrive, OneDrive helps you find and organize everything that’s important to

New keypad for copilot

Since the unveiling of Copilot, Microsoft has been betting big on artificial intelligence and generative AI at all levels of the enterprise, from servers and Azure to personal Windows PCs. Microsoft then decided to encourage people to use it more and more, and asked Windows OEMs to modify their keyboard

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