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Logitech MeetUp 2

May 21st was a day of unveiling for Logitech. In fact, they have announced a number of new features, including a new USB audio/video bar, the MeetUp 2. An excellent table companion for a BYOD(Bring Your On Device)/PAP(TakeYour Own Personal Device) environment. Connectivity MeetUp 2 stands out for its ease

Logitech Sync – Teams update channel

For a Microsoft Teams room to function optimally, it is essential that the devices used for calls and meetings are regularly updated and comply with the Microsoft-certified versions available HERE . Logitech has therefore added an interesting option to their Sync room management platform, which will simplify the updating process

Logitech MX Brio 705

Logitech recently announced a new webcam, the MX Brio 705, also available for Enterprise. This brand-new webcam combines outstanding image quality, intelligent features and durability. Whether you’re a telecommuting professional, a mobile worker or a content creator, the MX Brio 705 is designed to meet your needs. If I ever

Logitech Collab OS 1.10 and remote access

Logitech unveils their new Collab OS 1.10 with, among other things, the ability to remotely control videoconferencing equipment, thanks to their partnership with GoTo Resolve. With CollabOS 1.10, remote user interface access functionality is available on Rally Bar, Rally Bar Mini, RoomMate, Tap IP and Tap Scheduler in device mode.

Logitech Rally Bar Huddle

Introduction Logitech recently announced the Rally Bar Huddle, a high-end all-in-one video bar for small meeting rooms. This is the latest addition to the Logitech Rally Bar family of conference cameras. Designed to promote equitable videoconferencing meetings, Rally Bar Huddle is quick to set up, simple to manage and easy

Logitech’s Ghost project

At the ISE 2023 conference in Barcelona, Logitech unveiled their “ghost project” in collaboration with Steelcase, a holographic booth. This booth will allow you to follow a video conference while sitting comfortably on a sofa and you will have the impression that your interlocutor is in front of you. The

Logitech Brio 500 Series

Logitech’s new Brio Series will make your video meetings easier anywhere. This 1080p webcam is ready to use and certified for the major video conferencing platforms (Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Zoom) . This new series comes with a lot of features: Automatic light correction ArtificialIntelligencebased image correction Two noise-cancelling

Logitech Tap Scheduler

DescriptionThe Logitech TAP Scheduler is part of the Microsoft Teams meeting room panel category. Microsoft Teams panels are compact touchscreen devices installed just outside a meeting room, usually next to the entrance. Teams panels allow you to view details such as location, availability, and reserve an available meeting room on

Logitech Sight

New product from Logitech, the Logitech Sight. In the wake of the pandemic and the widespread use of online meetings, we have all become accustomed to chatting with our colleagues via software such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Now that some of us are slowly returning to the office, we

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