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Queues App

Today, at Enterprise Connect 2024, Microsoft made an important announcement concerning Microsoft Teams, introducing new features and enhancements. Among these new features, the “Queue App” was highlighted, promising to optimize call management and the customer experience within your company. The Queues application will therefore be a native Microsoft Teams, enabling you to efficiently manage your customers’ commitments. At the same time, Microsoft announced that the availability of Teams telephony has reached 99.999% .

The Queue App represents a direct response to the changing needs of modern businesses, where communication and interaction with customers are essential. Designed to simplify and centralize the queue management process, this revolutionary application enables customer service teams to streamline their operations while delivering an enhanced customer experience.

What are the Queue App’s key features?

  1. Centralized queue management: The Queue App enables companies to manage all their queues from a single centralized interface. This ensures efficient coordination of resources and greater visibility over the entire customer service process.

  2. Seamless integration with Microsoft Teams: By leveraging the Microsoft Teams ecosystem, the Queue App integrates seamlessly with existing tools and workflows. Customer service agents can respond to customer queries directly from Teams, simplifying their daily workflow.

  3. Advanced customization options: The Queue App offers advanced customization options, enabling companies to configure queues according to their specific needs. Whether it’s automatic call distribution, personalized on-hold messages or the definition of service hours, the possibilities are vast and flexible.

  4. Integrated analysis and reporting: To help companies better understand and improve their customer service performance, the Queue App offers integrated analysis and reporting capabilities. This enables companies to track key metrics, identify trends and make informed decisions to optimize their customer service.

  5. Real-time and historical data Microsoft’s Queue App gives companies a decisive edge by providing real-time and historical data on customer interactions. This feature enables teams to closely monitor performance, identify trends and make informed decisions to improve the customer experience. With easy access to historical data, companies can also analyze customer behavior patterns, identify areas for improvement and implement more effective strategies to optimize their customer service. By combining real-time and historical data, the Queue App offers a complete overview of customer activity, helping companies to stay competitive and meet the changing needs of their customer base.

The Queues App will be available via the Teams Premium license and is scheduled for release insummer 2024. With this announcement, Microsoft is also offering interested customers the chance to be part of the pre-release before its launch.  If you’re interested, nominate your company –” click HERE

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