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Automatic lowering of raised hand

To reduce the number of obsolete raised hands in your online meetings, your Microsoft Teams client will now prompt you, as the person who raised your hand, to lower it after detecting that you have spoken in a meeting. If you do not act on the suggestion notification, your hand will automatically be lowered.

How does it work?

Users who raise their hand and speak in a Teams meeting will see a notification that their hand will be automatically lowered soon. They may choose to keep their hand raised.

If the user does not respond to the notification, his or her hand will automatically be lowered.


If the noise cancellation option is disabled in your Teams Client device settings, you will not see the notification and your hand will not be automatically lowered.


This feature is currently available in public pre-release. To use this feature, users must be Teams Public Preview members and use the Teams client on Windows or macOS. To enable your Teams client for the public preview, your IT administrator will need to set an update policy and enable “Show preview features”. To activate the pre-release mode, follow the guide –”


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