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Logitech MeetUp 2

May 21st was a day of unveiling for Logitech. In fact, they have announced a number of new features, including a new USB audio/video bar, the MeetUp 2. An excellent table companion for a BYOD(Bring Your On Device)/PAP(TakeYour Own Personal Device) environment.


MeetUp 2 stands out for its ease of connection. It can be connected directly to a laptop or integrated into a meeting room system. With just two standard cables or a single
active USB cable from Logitech
active USB cable, setting it up is child’s play. This simplicity is further enhanced by remote management via Logitech Sync, enabling easy configuration for PC and BYOD deployments.


For a cutting-edge technology, the MeetUp 2 is offered at an affordable and very competitive price of $CAD 1,249, making this advanced technology accessible to a wide range of businesses. This price includes not only the camera itself, but also a range of intelligent features that enhance the meeting experience.


MeetUp 2 installation is simple and designed to be intuitive. It offers several mounting options, whether on a screen, table or wall, thanks to the multiple brackets included in the box. What’s more, an integrated threaded insert makes the device compatible with tripods, offering maximum flexibility.


MeetUp 2 is ready for use as soon as you connect it. It is compatible with the most popular videoconferencing platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meet, ensuring seamless integration into your current work environment. You can also display information on the screens in your rooms by enabling digital signage with Logitech Sync, Appspace and other platforms. What’s more, the Logitech MeetUp 2 incorporates technologies such as RightSight 2 and RightSound 2 that will enhance your online meetings, thanks to AI.


The Logitech MeetUp 2 is perfect for small meeting rooms, offering state-of-the-art technology at an affordable price. With its simplified connectivity, hassle-free installation and intuitive operation, it’s ready to transform your meetings into high-quality collaborative experiences.

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