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Logitech Sync – Teams update channel

For a Microsoft Teams room to function optimally, it is essential that the devices used for calls and meetings are regularly updated and comply with the Microsoft-certified versions available
. Logitech has therefore added an interesting option to their Sync room management platform, which will simplify the updating process for your Microsoft Teams rooms.

Logitech’s new Sync feature is a welcome relief for IT teams tasked with managing and updating a large number of devices. Instead of going through the tedious process of version checking and manually updating each device individually, this new feature allows administrators to install the latest versions of CollabOS that are certified by Microsoft, thus avoiding compatibility problems.

To ensure that your CollabOS devices are updated to the latest version certified for Microsoft Teams, your devices must be assigned to the Production (Teams) channel in Sync.

If a CollabOS device has already been updated before being assigned to the Production channel (Teams), it will have to wait for the next Teams-certified version to align itself with the latest one. Logitech therefore recommends that you ignore updates when installing your devices. Simply update your devices once they have been added to the Logitech Sync portal and moved to the Production (Teams) update channel.

👉 Thanks Logitech!


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