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PowerShell module update v6.1.0

Microsoft has released a new version of their PowerShell Module, version 6.1.0. This version is now generally available and contains the following updates:

  • Adds the BlockAllSubDomains parameter to the Set-CsTenantFederationConfiguration cmdlet.
  • Adds new parameters to [Set|New]-CsCallQueue cmdlets to configure the courtesy callback.
  • Publishes cmdlets [Get|New|Set|Grant]-CsTeamsMediaConnectivityPolicy.
  • Publishes cmdlets [Get|New|Set|Grant]-CsTeamsWorkLocationDetectionPolicy.
  • [CHANGEMENT MAJEUR] Removes the LocationPolicy attribute from the output of the Get-CsOnlineUser cmdlet.
  • Publishes cmdlets [Get|New|Remove|Set|Grant]-CsTeamsRecordingRollOutPolicy.
  • Contains a new implementation of [Get|Set]-CsTeamsEducationConfiguration. The functionality remains the same as the previous implementation.
  • Adds new SmsNotifications parameter to TeamsMeetingPolicy cmdlets.
  • Adds new UpdateParentInformation parameter to TeamsEducationConfiguration cmdlets.
  • Adds new parameters to the [Set|New]-CsCallQueue cmdlets to configure the response time service level threshold. “– (La Queue App develops 😉)

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