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Private line

Microsoft brings back the private line function. Thanks to this new feature, your users will be able to have a second, private telephone number (DID) which they can make available to a selected set of callers to call them directly, without having to go through delegates, administrators, queues, auto-attendants or assistants. Incoming calls to this private line will be distinguished by a unique notification and ringtone. The private line will only handle incoming calls. This feature was previously available in Skype for business Enterprise. In my opinion, given the high demand from users, Microsoft has included it in Microsoft Teams. Great news!

Private phone lines are for incoming calls only and cannot be used to make outgoing calls. When a user has a private phone line and makes a call, the call will come from the user’s main number and will not hide the user’s name or main phone number from the person being called. Below is a representation of what a call from a private number might look like 😉

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