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Poly Studio X52

With the evolution of working methods, virtual meetings have become essential for business collaboration. Microsoft Teams is a leading platform in this field, offering advanced communication and collaboration features. To further enhance the virtual meeting experience, Poly, a major player in audio and video solutions, has developed the new Poly Studio X52 video bar, specifically designed for Microsoft Teams. In this article, we’ll explore the innovative features of the Poly Studio X52 video bar and how it can optimize your meetings on Microsoft Teams.

Outstanding picture and sound quality:

The Poly Studio X52 video bar offers outstanding picture and sound quality, for an immersive meeting experience. With 4K video resolution, your meetings will be remarkably clear, with crisp visual detail and vivid colors. What’s more, the built-in speakers deliver crystal-clear sound, enabling every participant to hear every word with great precision, while the beam microphones capture sound with exceptional clarity, eliminating unwanted background noise.

Optimized integration with Microsoft Teams:

The Poly Studio X52 video bar is designed for seamless integration with Microsoft Teams, delivering an optimal user experience. With Microsoft Teams certification, installation and configuration are quick and easy, allowing you to quickly connect to your meetings. The video bar also features a button dedicated to Microsoft Teams, giving you easy access to key features such as meeting startup, screen sharing and volume control.

Enhanced meeting experience:

The Poly Studio X52 video bar is designed to enhance the meeting experience with advanced features. With its wide field of vision, it ensures that all participants are visible on the screen, even in large meeting rooms. What’s more, the smart camera automatically adjusts framing and zoom to highlight the people speaking, promoting smooth, natural collaboration. With the Poly Studio X52 video bar, your meetings will be more dynamic and interactive.

Simplified management:

The Poly Studio X52 video switcher offers simplified management thanks to its user-friendly interface. You can easily adjust camera, sound and video settings to optimize your meeting experience. What’s more, the video bar features remote control functions, allowing you to manage your meetings without having to travel.

Availability and prices:

The Poly Studio X52 should be available worldwide at the end of the summer for a starting price of $4,300 .


The Poly Studio X52 video bar is a valuable addition to your arsenal of Microsoft Teams collaboration tools. With its outstanding picture and sound quality, optimized integration with Microsoft Teams and advanced features, the Poly Studio X52 video bar enhances your virtual meetings, enabling you to collaborate more effectively and stay connected, wherever you are. Don’t wait any longer, equip yourself with the Poly Studio X52 video bar for productive and immersive online meetings.


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