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Collaborative notes in Microsoft Teams meetings

In today’s fast-moving world, organizations face a multitude of challenges when it comes to managing their meetings effectively. One of the main challenges, note-taking during meetings, has long been considered an essential skill for effective communication and information retention. This role is usually entrusted to a project manager.
However, in today’s technology-driven world, the traditional approach to note-taking doesn’t work, and presents a new set of challenges. From the rise of virtual meetings to the increasing complexity of discussions and the need to multitask, capturing and organizing relevant information has become more difficult than ever. To strike a balance between active engagement and the need to document key points and action items, individuals need to adapt their note-taking strategies.

Microsoft announces a public preview of Collaborative Notes, the new way to get your work done: collaborate on the agenda, take notes together and track follow-up tasks.

Collaborative notes eliminate the typical bottleneck of a single note-taker capturing the agenda and notes, and also make them visible to everyone, improving accuracy and inclusion at every stage of your meeting.

Collaborative notes are Loop components, which remain synchronized across all the places they’ve been shared such as Outlook, Teams chat, the Loop app, Word for the Web and Whiteboard. Before a meeting, share collaborative notes in a Teams conversation or by e-mail to start creating an agenda together. This ensures that everyone can include their topics for review with the group, whatever their preferred Microsoft application.

During the meeting, all participants can add last-minute agenda items, co-edit meeting notes and write and assign tasks. You can see who’s working in the collaborative notes at the top, and see who wrote each part by clicking on the text. Project managers and contributors can continue to share these notes during and after the meeting to keep the whole project up-to-date and efficient.

As your team continues to work, they can update notes, check off tasks and add new tracking items from the application they’re working in. Captured tasks synchronize with ToDo & Planner, so everyone is automatically reminded of follow-up tasks – accountability made easy!

As a component of Loop, you can easily transfer your collaborative notes from your meeting into the Loop application and get on with your work. Add your component to a Loop workspace where you can gather everything you need for your project in one place.

How to test?

Collaborative notes are available as a public preview. All you need to do is activate the public pre-release mode of your Teams client –” see HERE and activate it by following the instructions –” HERE


Collaborative notes are compatible only with the following clients:

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