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Poly CCX EM60

If you use Poly’s CCX series phones, you may be interested in the new Poly CCX EM60 side car expansion module. It’s an accessory that connects to your CCX phone to give you greater functionality and flexibility. In this article, I’ll introduce you to the features and benefits of this product, as well as how to install and use it with Microsoft Teams.

What is the Poly CCX EM60 side car?

The Poly CCX EM60 side car is an extension module that attaches to the right-hand side of your CCX telephone, compatible with CCX 506, CCX 600 or CCX 700 models. It lets you add up to 60 additional programmable keys to your phone, which is ideal for users who handle a lot of calls or need quick access to contacts, functions or lines.

The Poly CCX EM60 side car features a 4.3″ color touchscreen, which displays the name and status of each programmable key. This lets you customize the keys to suit your needs, assigning functions such as speed dialing, hold, transfer, forward, park, park-and-go, call pickup group, do-not-disturb, etc., to each key. You can also create pages of keys, to access over 60 keys by sliding the screen left or right.

The Poly CCX EM60 side car is powered by the CCX phone to which it is connected, eliminating the need for an external power source. It is also compatible with the Microsoft Teams platform, which means it benefits from the same native integration and user experience as CCX phones.

What are the advantages?

The Poly CCX EM60 expansion module offers several advantages to CCX telephone users, including :

Greater productivity: the Poly CCX EM60 side car will help you manage your calls more easily and efficiently, giving you access to more functions and contacts at the click of a button. So you can reduce the time spent dialing numbers, navigating menus or switching between calls.
Better visibility: the Poly CCX EM60 side car lets you see the status of your contacts or calls at a glance. This lets you know who’s available, who’s busy, who’s on hold, who’s calling you, and so on. You can also customize the key display, choosing the colors, icons or labels that suit you best.
Greater flexibility: the Poly CCX EM60 side car lets you customize your phone to suit your needs, by adding the buttons you need. You can also change the keys at any time, to suit your changing activity or preferences. You can also connect up to three expansion modules to your CCX phone, giving you up to 180 programmable keys.

How do I install it?

Installation of the Poly CCX EM60 side car is quick and easy. Simply follow these steps:

  • Attach the extension module to the right-hand side of your CCX phone, using the screws supplied.
  • Switch on your CCX phone and wait for it to detect the extension module.
  • Go to the Settings menu on your CCX phone, then select Accessories > Extension module.
  • Configure the expansion module’s programmable keys, choosing the functions, contacts or lines you wish to associate with each key.
  • Save your changes and enjoy your new plug-in.

To use the Poly CCX EM60 extension module, simply press the softkeys to access the functions or contacts you’ve configured. You can also slide the plug-in screen to the left or right to access additional key pages. You can see the name and status of each key on the display of the extension module, as well as on the display of your CCX phone.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and that it’s inspired you to try the Poly CCX EM60 side car, because I certainly have. Please let me know if you have any comments or questions. 😊


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