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Microsoft Teams invitation enhancements

You’re probably all familiar with the famous Microsoft Teams invitation with the link to join an online meeting! Well, Microsoft is going to make a few improvements and design changes to ensure that your customers have the most important information and that it’s better grouped together. 

When it happens:

Microsoft will begin the rollout in mid-February 2024 and plans to complete it by mid-March 2024.

How it will affect your organization:

With this update, the link to join an online meeting will become more visible – Microsoft has modified the text of the link and also enlarged it. Sometimes people have difficulty joining, or simply have questions about attending a meeting. After this update, they will be able to easily find Microsoft Help Center information on this subject by clicking on the ” Need help ” link at the very top of the meeting invitation. If users need additional information to join the meeting (for example, if the meeting or access code) – they’ll find it too, and won’t be confused with other identifiers (for example, a conference call identifier or a video identifier). 

Some options in this invitation are highly relevant only for meeting organizers (in certain use cases) and will be useless for participants. Microsoft has therefore moved these options to a separate ” For organizers ” session.

Below is the old invitation on the left and an example of the new one on the right.


This news is related to a Microsoft 365 ID message:
and also refers to a new feature in the Microsoft 365 roadmap

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