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Voice isolation in Microsoft Teams

At Microsoft Ignite 2023, Microsoft announced a new feature:voice isolation. You’re probably already familiar with smart speakers that detect who’s talking during an online meeting. Now, thanks to AI, Microsoft is able to isolate your voice during online meetings. Voice Isolation is an innovative feature that enables Teams to recognize your voice and suppress other noises to ensure you’re the only one who can be heard in your online calls and meetings. After a brief registration process, Teams’ artificial intelligence will begin to recognize your voice. While other solutions mask background noise, this is the only solution that also filters out other voices, making your voice the only one that will be heard.

Availability –” Early 2024

How to activate it?

To activate it, simply select the Isolate my voice option in the audio settings of your Microsoft Teams client. So you can enjoy clearer, more effective communication with colleagues, customers or partners, without worrying about noise interference. Very effective in noisy environments, such as cafés.

Video demonstration (Ignite 2023)

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