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Evolution of “Busy on Busy

Soon Microsoft will update the option called “Busy on Busy” which allows you to prevent a second call from appearing on your desktop, when you are already on a call or in a meeting. Indeed, the option is now in public pre-release and will allow administrators to let users choose to be able to control it by themselves via the Calls menu of their Microsoft Teams client. This functionality is planned for February 2023.

How to activate it

Log in to your portal
Teams Admin Center (TAC)
in the Voice > Calling Policies menu. If you want to enable this option for some users and not your entire organization, I suggest you create a new one. Otherwise, you can change the one used by the majority of your users. In the Busy on busy when in a call section, please select User controlled as below.

Once enabled, it may take a little while for your users to see it in their Teams client. But once available in their clients, access the settings > Calls you will see an option entitled: “When you are on a call and receive another call” you will have the choice between:

  • Let new calls ring
  • Send a busy signal
  • Redirect as if the call was not answered

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