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MTRoA Update – December 2022

Microsoft has released an update to the Teams application for Android rooms. Attention, this version is simply an update of the application only. Availability may vary depending on the model and manufacturer of the device.

What’s new :

  • Ability to leave the whiteboard and start collaborating outside of a Teams meeting
  • Administrators can enable this feature with the “Allow whiteboard initialization” setting on the device.
  • The whiteboard can now be viewed side-by-side with meeting participants using the Content + Gallery layout, which is now the default option.
  • Microsoft introduces touchscreen support that will allow the room system to be controlled from the front screen of the room.
  • To further enhance the big screen meeting experience, 4K display is now also supported.
  • Support for remote camera pan, tilt and zoom controls.
My opinion:

Great update that will finally allow the collaboration of the staff in improvised mode. I can’t wait to test this on a touch screen. I seem to have a facility like this to install in early 2023. I will make a video and post it later!


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