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RSS feed to Yammer

In order to share the knowledge that I acquire throughout my various professional mandates with our internal team at Solulan, I have set up a Power Automate flow that aims, for the moment Grinto synchronize only my posts that I write on my blog AND that contains in its title [Microsoft Teams] to a Yammer group dedicated to Microsoft Teams technology.

For those who don’t know yet, Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow), is a Microsoft 365 service that allows you to create workflows using a trigger to perform a particular process. This service is also complementary to Power BI and Power Apps. Power Automate, can also be used independently and can offer companies very complex automated processes! I often compare it to IFTTT used in home automation (If This, Then That)

In my case here, I am transposing my post from my RSS feed to a Yammer post. Later I will see to transpose it to my twitter and then to translate it for the English speaking public Open mouth

My trigger here is my RSS feed:

Then, I use a condition and specify that if the title of my RSS feed contains [Microsoft Teams]

If YES –” Post a message in Yammer
If NO –” Ends the flow with a status of “Operation successful” (because yes even if the title does not contain the text [Microsoft Teams] it is a success!)

To find the Yammer Group ID, simply convert the URL ID of the Yammer Group to base64.

For example, you can use an online tool, such as Base64 Decode and Encode – Online, to decode from the Base64 format.

As you can see on the screenshot below, I also added some html tags because for the moment the post message action of Yammer is not very advanced in terms of word processing

On the other hand, all this is done in a few clicks, isn’t that great!

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