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PowerShell V5.7.0 module update

Microsoft has released a new version of their PowerShell Module, version 5.6.0. This version is now generally available and contains updates such as :

  • Remove ExternalAccessPrefix and OptimizeDeviceDialing parameters from [New|Set]-CsTenantDialPlan cmdlets.
  • Corrects the Get-CsTenantDialPlan cmdlet to return the correct dial plan strategy format.
  • Adds AdministrativeUnitReference to the result of the Get-CsOnlineUser cmdlet. Currently it only displays commercial environments.
  • Fixed a problem with the Connect-MicrosoftTeams cmdlet displaying the appropriate Tenant ID when authenticating using Managed Service Identity.
    Corrects error in Sync-CsOnlineApplicationInstance cmdlet output.
  • Contains a new implementation of the cmdlet: [New|Get|Set|Remove|Grant]-CsTeamsVdiPolicy. The functionality remains the same as the previous implementation.
  • Adds the NumberSource output attribute to the Get-CsPhoneNumberAssignment cmdlet.
  • Adds the CreateCustomEmojis and DeleteCustomEmojis parameters to the [New|Set]-CsTeamsMessagingPolicy cmdlet.
  • Adds the ParticipantNameChange and AutoRecording parameters to the [New|Set]-CsTeamsMeetingPolicy cmdlet.
  • Fixes a bug in the Get-Team cmdlet where the progress record is displayed twice.
  • Fixes the token expiration problem with the Get-Team cmdlet.

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