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MTRoA update December 2023

Microsoft is releasing 2 (two ) new updates for Microsoft Teams Android (MTRoA ) room devices, versions 1449/ and 1449/

These updates, released in December 2023, are accompanied by bug fixes designed to improve the stability of the Teams application. 

What’s new in this version

🔧 Bug fixes for application crashes and problems with the daily maintenance restart window.

🔄 Introduction of the daily restart maintenance window, scheduled between 2:00 and 3:00 depending on the device’s local time zone. If used during this period, restart is postponed until the following day.

⚙️ IT administrators can deactivate the daily restart window or modify it from the device settings.

🛠️ Work in progress to support these administrative controls in the Teams Administration Center.

🚫 Fixed bugs related to application crashes and missing devices in Intune.

🔄 Significant reduction in disconnection errors and pairing problems due to workplace adhesion failures, time-out issues and memory leaks.

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