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The new Teams client is now generally available

Today, Microsoft announced the general availability of the new Microsoft Teams application for Windows and Mac, including for customers in the education sector. Microsoft also announces that they will be rolling out the new Teams client public pre-release for virtual desktop environments (VDI) and government cloud customers (GCC, GCC-H, DoD).

Microsoft’s aim with this new application was to reinvent Teams from the ground up, offering a faster, simpler, smarter and more flexible application to help us stay productive and collaborate more effectively. The preliminary version of the new Teams client was up to twice as fast, while using 50% less memory.

With the switch to the generally available version, new features and enhancements will be available exclusively on the new Teams application. The new Teams client includes support for multi-tenant organizations (MTOs) and multi-tenant, multi-account organizations (MTMAs), enabling seamless communication and collaboration between tenants across organizational boundaries.

👉 Upgrading to the new Teams client is quick and seamless. Classic Teams users will be automatically upgraded to the new Teams client over the coming months.

What are the advantages of the new Teams client?

Below are the main benefits of the new Microsoft Teams application:

  • A faster application optimized for multi-platform performance
  • A simpler user experience that lets you do more with fewer clicks
  • A more flexible application for transparent communication and collaboration between stakeholders
  • A smarter Teams application to boost your productivity

Get ready!

The new Teams client will enable Microsoft to bring new features to market faster. From now on, new features and capabilities, as well as enhancements to existing ones, will be available exclusively in the new Teams client.

One click is all it takes to switch to the new Teams client!

This announcement marks the start of the display of the new Teams client toggle for users in the classic Teams application for Enterprise customers in the “Current Channel” upgrade channel.

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