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MS-721 at 80% off

If you ever want to take your new MS-721 Collaborative Communication Systems Engineer examIf you’re looking for expertise in planning, deploying, configuring, maintaining and troubleshooting Microsoft Teams telephony, meetings, and personal and shared space devices, including Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Surface Hub rooms, Microsoft is offering a promotional code that will get you 80% discount on the regular price of the license. Instead of paying USD 165, you pair USD 33

Is this certification for you?

Collaborative communication systems engineers have a fundamental understanding of networking, telecommunications, audio-visual, and meeting room technologies, as well as identity and access management. They are proficient in managing and monitoring Teams Phone, meetings, and certified devices using the Microsoft Teams Administration Center, PowerShell, the Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro Management portal, and the Microsoft Call Quality dashboard. They deploy and configure Teams telephony with public switched telephone network (PSTN) connectivity via Teams Calling Packages, Operator Connect, Teams Phone Mobile and direct routing.

How do I get the discount?

Take advantage of the discounted beta exam offer. The
first 300
who take the MS-721 (Beta) exam on or before April 11, 2023 can receive an 80% discount off the market price.

To receive the discount, when you register for the exam and are prompted to pay, use the code CCSN8HW7. This is not a private access code. Seating is available on a first come, first served basis. As stated, you must take the exam no later than April 11, 2023.

How to prepare for the exam?


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