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Update of the PowerShell Module v4.9.2

Microsoft updates their PowerShell module for Microsoft Teams to version 4.9.2


  • New cmdlets Get-CsSdgBulkSignInRequestStatus and New-CsSdgBulkSignInRequest private overview.
  • Adds the Certificate parameter to Connect-MicrosoftTeams.
  • Added WelcomeTextToSpeechPrompt parameter to cmdlets [New|Set]-CsCallQueue.
  • Solves the problem with the input pipe for the Test-CsEffectiveTenantDialPlan and Test-CsVoiceNormalizationRule cmdlets.

If you’re wondering what the new [New|Get]-CsSdgBulkSignInRequestStatus cmdlet is, it would serve, according to the community, to allow administrators to provision common area devices in batches  via the SIP Gateway. 


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