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Unassigned number


With telephony with Microsoft
Have you ever wondered what happens when a customer calls a number in your company that has not yet been assigned? The answer below
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To resolve this issue, as an administrator, you will need to configure a call routing of your company’s unassigned numbers. You can either use the PowerShell tool, using the New/Get/Set/Remove-CsTeamsUnassignedNumberTreatment commands, or you can use thegraphical interface of the Teams administrative portal.

Here’s an example of how to configure call routing for unassigned numbers, where I configure a route for numbers in the range 514-123-1000 to 514-123-1999. Note here that this number range also includes
where their assigned numbers are included in this number range (
). In fact, if the system finds a number already assigned to someone, the call routing of unassigned numbers will not be used.

Method 1 – Via PowerShell

Very simple, two lines of configuration. The first line will retrieve the object ID of the resource account where we want to reroute the calls and the second line will create the route of the unassigned numbers for the numbers between +15141231000 and +15141231999.

					$RAObjectId = (Get-CsOnlineApplicationInstance -Identity
New-CsTeamsUnassignedNumberTreatment -Identity "UnassignedNumberRange_514-123-1XXX" -Pattern "^\+15141231\d{3}$" -TargetType ResourceAccount -Target $RAObjectId -TreatmentPriority 2


Method 2 – Via Teams Admin Center

  1. Click on the URL: https: //
  2. Click on the Add a new rule button
  3. Enter the required information such as the name of your rule, a priority, a regular expression that will match your unassigned number range and a destination.
    You will have the choice to redirect your calls to a user, an audio capsule or a resource account linked to an IVR or a queue. Here in my example, I choose a resource account linked to an IVR that simply says “Sorry the number dialed is no longer assigned. To consult our directory, dial 1”. By pressing 1, the caller will be redirected to the company directory and can search for the person they wish to contact.

Note: As you can see in the above screenshots, you can also test your unassigned number routing rules to make sure they work!

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