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Adjust your QoS

An essential practice in IP telephony is to give priority to real-time traffic on your network. To achieve this, it is crucial to apply quality of service (QoS) wherever possible.

Microsoft Teams, as a software application, requires specific configuration to guarantee an optimal experience. This configuration is based on Windows group policies that take into account the combination of source ports and the name of the Microsoft Teams client executable. So you can ensure smooth, high-quality communication during your virtual meetings.

As you may know, from March 31, 2024, Microsoft will be replacing the old Teams client with the new Teams client. This transition will have a direct impact on your Quality of Service (QoS) configuration.

Until now, the name of the executable was Teams.exe. However, with the update, this name will be changed to ms-teams.exe. It is therefore essential that you update your Windows Group Policies accordingly.

This article serves as a warning so that you can anticipate this change and take the necessary steps to maintain a smooth, high-performance experience during your meetings and collaborations via Microsoft Teams.

Please see the official Microsoft resources below for more information on this update.


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