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Single-use code (OTP) for MTRoW

With the 4.19 update for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows coming in November, Microsoft is introducing a new, simplified way to set up Teams Room on Windows. During the first start-up experience, the user will be able to enter a one-time secret code (OTP) to automatically retrieve the resource account credentials and log on to the Teams Room PC.

When will it happen?

đź“… Microsoft will begin deployment early November and plans to finish by the end of November.

How will this affect your organization?

If you purchase a Microsoft Teams room on Windows devices delivered with version 4.19 or later of the application, you will have the option of configuring the device with a one-time secret code function. To do this, you will need a Microsoft Teams Room pro license to provision one-time-use OTP passwords from the Teams Rooms Pro management portal : 

What you need to do to prepare :

No action is required to prepare for this change. You may wish to inform your users and administrators of this change and update any relevant documentation.


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