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Teams Panel Update – December 2022

Microsoft makes available a new version (1449/ of the Teams application for Microsoft Teams panels.  With this version, Microsoft adds the possibility of associating a presence detector to the Microsoft Teams panel. If the meeting room is available and there is someone in the room, a message will be displayed

Microsoft Teams Shared Device License

Micorosoft announces the shared device license . Indeed, Microsoft is evolving its software offerings to adapt to the new reality of hybrid work. The example here is the renaming of the existing Common Area Phone (CAP) license to the Teams Shared Device license to allow for broader functionality involving shared

Playbook for device deployment

Want to deploy Microsoft Teams rooms? The team at Microsoft has put together a great deployment manual to help you! This playbook will help you deploy your Microsoft Teams certified devices within your organization. You’ll also see example scenarios that include Microsoft Teams rooms, Teams phones, Teams panels, and Surface

Want to Migrate or Connect Your Phone System to Teams?

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