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MTRoA update February 2024

Microsoft has released a new update for Microsoft Teams room devices running Android (MTRoA), version 1449/

This update, released in February 2024, comes with the following enhancements:

  • Meeting ID and password IT administrators will now be able to set up a policy to require users to enter a meeting ID and password to join meetings, to ensure a level of security and confidentiality.
  • New calendar views A new look with extended functionality. Users will now be able to view the calendar for the current day and the following day. All available time slots of 11 minutes or more are displayed. A visual indicator (green/purple vertical bar) is added to each time slot to enable users to easily see whether a room is reserved or available.
  • Improved view selector for front-of-room display controls. The interface will be updated so that the view change menu gives users more control over the front of the room’s screens during a meeting. Users can customize views to show or hide the meeting discussion. For the Front Row layout, users can select the meeting component to be displayed on the left and right panels. IT administrators can configure the default number of panels and the default component displayed on the panel(s) using local device settings.
  • Support for Teams Premium security features, including end-to-end encryption for meetings and sensitivity labels.
  • Fixed an experience regression in the Call application, including support for P2P calls and group calls.
  • Reliability and other improvements.
  • Remove call settings from Teams administration settings on the device, including auto-answer. The last device configuration before deleting the parameter still applies. Once the device has been reset, the functionality is no longer available, just as it is for new devices.

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