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PowerShell module update v5.9.0

Microsoft has released a new version of their PowerShell Module, version 5.9.0. This version is now generally available and contains the following updates:

  • Adds support for managed identity-based authentication for *-Cs command applets using the -Identity parameter in Connect-MicrosoftTeams in commercial environments. Some command applets that don’t support application-based authentication aren’t supported for this either.
  • Updates [Set|Get]-CsPhoneNumberAssignment to support user/no user update in runtime routing options for phone numbers.
  • Releases major updates for Get-CsOnlineUser in GCC High and DoD environments with significant performance improvements and new filtering capabilities for scenarios without the ” -Identity ” parameter:
  • Performance improvements, especially with“-Filter” scenarios such as the use of generic operator attributes (*), OnPrem* and Timestamp.
  • The correct values will start to appear in the output for CountryAbbreviation, UserValidationErrors, WhenCreated.
  • These attributes are now enabled for filtering: Alias, City, Company, HostingProvider, UserValidationErrors, OnPremEnterpriseVoiceEnabled, OnPremHostingProvider, OnPremLineURI, OnPremSIPEnabled, SipAddress, SoftDeletionTimestamp, StateOrProvince, Street, TeamsOwnersPolicy, WhenChanged, WhenCreated, FeatureTypes, PreferredDataLocation, LastName.
  • These filter operators have been reintroduced in Get-CsOnlineUser:
  • The “-like” operator now supports the use of generic operators in the “contains” and “ends with” scenarios. Example: Get-CsOnlineUser -Filter “DisplayName -like ‘*abc*'”
  • “-contains” can now be used to filter properties that are an array of strings such as FeatureTypes, ProxyAddresses and ShadowProxyAddresses. Example: Get-CsOnlineUser -Filter {FeatureTypes -contains “PhoneSystem”}
  • “-gt” (greater than), “-lt” (less than) can now be used to filter all string properties. Example: Get-CsOnlineUser -Filter {UserPrincipalName -gt/-lt “abc”}
  • “-ge” (greater than or equal to), “-gt” (greater than), “-lt” (less than), “-le” (less than or equal to) can now also be used to filter policies. . Example: Get-CsOnlineUser – Filter {ExternalAccessPolicy -ge “xyz_policy”}
  • Updates to the type of users displayed :
  • Unlicensed users: unlicensed users will appear in the output of Get-CsOnlineUser.
  • Software-deleted users: these users will be displayed in the output with
  • SoftDeletionTimestamp set to a value.
  • Guest users are now available in the output.
  • [CHANGEMENT RUPTURE] IneligibleUser – AccountType as Unknown will be renamed IneligibleUser. IneligibleUser will include users who have no valid Teams license (except Guest, SfbOnPremUser, ResourceAccount).
  • Updates Set-CsTeamsMeetingConfiguration to support enabling or disabling anonymous meeting participants to receive surveys using the FeedbackSurveyForAnonymousUsers parameter.
  • Removes unused DomainController parameter from command applets
    CsOnlineDialInConferencingServiceNumber, Set-CsOnlineDialInConferencingBridge and Set-CsOnlineDialInConferencingUser command applets.

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