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Microsoft Teams on Apple Vision Pro

Microsoft has just announced that Microsoft Teams will be available on the new Apple Vision Pro when it launches on February 2. Microsoft Teams will bring engaging spatial computing experiences within reach with the intelligent workspace on Apple Vision Pro. From February 2, users will be able to download Teams as well as Microsoft Copilot, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and Loop from the App Store on Apple Vision Pro.

With the Microsoft Teams application on Apple Vision Pro, you can use all your Microsoft Teams communication and collaboration capabilities. Meet, chat, call, collaborate and participate in your business processes: be part of everything Teams has to offer in one smart place to connect, communicate and work together.

Beyond the basic Teams functionality, Teams on Apple Vision Pro will use innovative Apple Vision Pro features to make your experience exceptional. During a Teams video call, users wearing Apple Vision Pro will be represented as an Avatar – a digital representation of themselves that reflects the movements of their face and hands in real time – which the other participants in the Teams video call will see. Together reactions and emojis have a greater sense of depth and dimension, helping to make your chat interactions even more expressive and meaningful.

If you’d like to learn more about all the Microsoft 365 applications available on Apple Vision Pro from February 2, click
. Microsoft will continue to offer innovative experiences on new devices, including integrating Microsoft Mesh with Apple Vision Pro over the coming year.

The Apple Vision Pro is a very expensive device, so I won’t be able to buy it to show you around. But if you get the chance to try it out, please let me know, and give me your thoughts and comments on using the Teams client in Apple Vision Pro. I’m very interested!


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