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MTRoW update

Microsoft unveils a new update for Microsoft Teams Room Devices for Windows (MTRoW).
Features with the icon are only available for rooms with a Teams Pro license. This new version includes the following updates:

  • End of Skype For Business support.
    The device mode and advanced settings required to configure Skype for Business are removed from the device settings. Find out more about the end of Skype for Business server connection support in Microsoft Teams rooms on Windows.
  • Touch panel form factor support.
    Microsoft Teams rooms on Windows now support the certified form factors of touch panels such as Surface Hub 3. Touch panels bring the tactile experience of team rooms to life on a single screen. Portrait/rotation mode on Surface Hub 3 is in preview, with more optimizations to come.
  • Support for single-use code (OTP) authentication.
    One-time code (OTP) configuration offers a new, simplified way of setting up Teams Room on Windows. On initial setup, the installer can enter a one-time code instead of the resource account credentials, eliminating the need to share room account passwords. OTP is then used to automatically retrieve resource account credentials and connect to Teams rooms. Teams Rooms administrators can provision the OTP from the Teams Rooms Pro management portal.
    See the overview below:
  • Improved Front Row layout.
    Promotion of the active video participant. Front Row now promotes pinned or highlighted participants to center stage when there is no shared content in single and double display modes to make the most of empty space. In simple display mode, when no one is pinned, highlighted or sharing content, the most recent active participant’s video will be promoted to the center. In dual view mode, when no one is pinned, highlighted or sharing content, the two most recent active participants’ videos will be promoted to the center on each screen. If someone shares content, the video of the most recent active participant will be promoted on the right-hand screen.
  • Support for participation in a Teams Live event as a participant.
    Follow the instructions on

    Join a live event in Microsoft Teams

    to join a live event as a participant and live the streaming experience.

  • Enhanced support for content cameras.
    Windows-based Teams rooms now support content cameras
    certified by Microsoft
    to share a physical whiteboard in your rooms. With this new update, you’ll now be able to connect any Teams-certified camera, or any other camera*, as a content camera in your Windows-based Teams rooms for easy use.

    *Important note: Microsoft cannot guarantee that cloud enhancement filters will work optimally on non-certified content cameras.
    not certified
    certified content cameras. As a result, you need to validate the experience in your Windows-based Teams rooms before deploying it globally.


Microsoft | Learn | MTRoW Release notes

2 thoughts on “MTRoW update

  1. Since this update, the “Advanced” tab in the MTR app seems to be missing entirely. This is where you’d enter the Exchange sign-in and the Domain username. Has this been removed deliberately? Is there another way to edit these settings?

    1. Hi Jamus,

      If you select the 3 dots for more options, then you click on Settings. Enter your Admin password, and then hit the Yes button. You should find those settings under the Account menu.
      Please try it and let me know if it works!

      Thank you.
      John D.

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