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Unique participation link for external presenters

Microsoft Teams Simplifies Webinars with Single Link Functionality for External Presenters. Webinars have become an essential means of sharing information, building teams and interacting with a wider audience. With the rise of remote working, demand for effective webinar solutions has never been higher. Microsoft introduces a new feature to their Microsoft Teams webinars: the single link for external presenters. This feature simplifies webinar management, enabling companies to collaborate more seamlessly with external presenters while maintaining total control over their event. In this article, I explain this new feature in detail. We’re also exploring how this feature can enhance your webinars.

Lien Unique: What is it?

The single link for external presenters is a new feature in Microsoft Teams that allows webinar organizers to invite external presenters without granting them permanent access to their team or organization. This feature ensures that external presenters have limited, webinar-specific access, while maintaining the security of company data and resources. I often compare this new feature to the unique link generated in One Drive, when you share a file with someone outside your company. Here, in the context of Teams webinars, the external presenter will have unique access to the webinar.


  • Enhanced security: The unique link ensures that external presenters can only access the webinar for which they have been invited. This protects sensitive company data and information, while giving external presenters the freedom to contribute to the webinar.
  • Simplified management: Organizers no longer need to set up accounts or manage complex permissions for external presenters. A single link is all you need to access them.
  • Facilitated collaboration: External presenters can work seamlessly with the internal team, sharing presentations, documents and interacting with attendees as if they were part of the company.
  • Better User Experience: Webinar participants enjoy a seamless experience, as external presenters are better integrated into the event, improving overall engagement.

How do I use it?

This new feature is very easy to use. Here are the various steps:

  1. Create a webinar : Use Microsoft Teams to plan your webinar as you normally would.
  2. Invite external presenters: When inviting presenters, this will generate a unique link for each external presenter you wish to invite.
  3. Share Unique Link: The unique link will be automatically sent to each external presenter. They will then be able to join the webinar without additional access to your team or organization.
  4. Collaborate with confidence: External presenters can now share their expertise with confidence, knowing that their access to the webinar is restricted.

Some screenshots below

Below, you’ll see that in the presenter biography section, you can access links to your external presenters, and you’ll also have the option of regenerating unique links.

Below, you’ll see the e-mail your external presenters will receive automatically.

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