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Logitech Collab OS 1.10 and remote access

Logitech unveils their new Collab OS 1.10 with, among other things, the ability to remotely control videoconferencing equipment, thanks to their partnership with GoTo Resolve. With CollabOS 1.10, remote user interface access functionality is available on Rally Bar, Rally Bar Mini, RoomMate, Tap IP and Tap Scheduler in device mode.

What is Logitech Collab OS?

Logitech Collab OS is a software platform designed to optimize the user experience of Logitech collaboration products, such as videoconferencing systems. It’s an operating system specially adapted to the needs of businesses looking to enhance their online communication and meeting capabilities.

Logitech Collab OS version 1.10 represents a major step forward. It brings a host of new features, performance enhancements and bug fixes. However, what particularly stands out in this update is the ability to remotely access the user interface of your collaboration system.


Before you can activate remote access to the interface of your Logitech audiovisual equipment, you’ll need to create a GoTo Resolve account. For the moment, this service is offered exclusively by Logitech’s partner, GoTo Resolve. Activate your free account at This allows you to manage up to 5 devices free of charge. If you ever want to control more than 5 devices, I suggest you look at the GoTo Resolve plans and prices below:

How do I activate remote access to the interface?

You can enable remote access to the user interface from the device, or remotely using LAN access. Log in to your local network access portal. Click on System > More settings. Then activate “Remote user interface access” (as shown below).
To activate the service you need two pieces of information:
  • Your GoTo Resolve company ID
  • Your GoTo Resolve device key
Both can be found at the following address:
Below is a remote view of a Logitech Tap scheduler.

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