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Meet Mesh in Teams

Microsoft, always at the forefront of online collaboration, has a sensational experience in store for us with the public pre-release of Microsoft Mesh, scheduled for October. This update brings a whole new dimension to our meetings in Microsoft Teams. In this article, I’m going to tell you why I’m so

Monetize Teams recording and transcription APIs

Microsoft Teams is a leading collaboration and communication solution for businesses and organizations worldwide. With its ever-expanding ecosystem of features and integrations, Teams continues to evolve to meet the dynamic needs of users. In a recent development, Microsoft introduced billing forrecording and transcription APIs in a public pre-release version, marking

Spatial audio in Teams

Did you know that Microsoft has released spatial audio for Teams to improve communication and reduce meeting fatigue during audio and video conferences. Spatial audio is a new feature in the Teams client that aims to mimic a face-to-face conversation by spatially separating the voices of individual meeting participants, resulting

PowerShell V5.6.0 module update

Microsoft has released a new version of their PowerShell Module, version 5.6.0. This version is now generally available and contains updates such as : Updated [Set|Get] -CsPhoneNumberAssignment commands now support NetworkSiteId for unassigned numbers. Fix Get-CsTenantNetworkSite command error introduced in version 5.5.0 New command [Get|Set]-CsTeamsSipDevicesConfiguration. New-CsSdgBulkSignInRequest, Get-CsSdgBulkSignInRequestStatus & Get-CsSDGBulkSignInRequestsSummary commands

Logitech Collab OS 1.10 and remote access

Logitech unveils their new Collab OS 1.10 with, among other things, the ability to remotely control videoconferencing equipment, thanks to their partnership with GoTo Resolve. With CollabOS 1.10, remote user interface access functionality is available on Rally Bar, Rally Bar Mini, RoomMate, Tap IP and Tap Scheduler in device mode.

MTRoW – Bluejeans support

As I mentioned in a previous article, as part of the Direct Guest Join integration, Microsoft Teams rooms on Windows now support one-touch Bluejeans meetings. Support for Bluejeans meetings in Android-based Team Rooms (MTRoA) will be available at a later date. How to activate it? To activate this new provider

MTRoW end of support Skype Enterprise

It’s time, Microsoft is making strategic decisions to unify their communication services and offer a more coherent user experience. With this in mind, Microsoft has announced the end of support for Skype for Business meetings in Microsoft Teams rooms. Skype for Business, a previously popular solution for business meetings, is

Direct Routing Test of the new certificate authority on September 5

On September 5 (from 9 a.m. UTC), Microsoft will run a 24-hour test during which all Microsoft SIP endpoints will be switched over to use certificates whose certificate chain will be bundled up to the “DigiCert Global Root G2” certification authority (CA). MicrIf your SBC does not trust this certification

End of support for Cortana

Microsoft has announced the end of Cortana support in Microsoft Teams rooms and on their display screens. This decision was taken in view of Cortana’s low usage in this context. Users of Teams rooms have not adopted this feature en masse, which has led to the decision to end its

Update your Teams presence during interactions

Collaboration in the workplace has never been as crucial as it is today, and tools like Microsoft Teams have revolutionized the way we work together. But what if you could integrate your interactions with Genesys Cloud and Microsoft Teams even more closely for an optimal user experience? Well, that’s now

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