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Shared calls in Teams

Once again, Microsoft Inspire has some exciting surprises in store for us this year, including the announcement of
shared calls
in Microsoft Teams. The shared call option in Microsoft Teams is here to shake up the rules of the game when it comes to collaboration and communication.

What is the shared call option?

Microsoft is continually helping IT departments to simplify the management of Teams Phone deployments and reduce costs. Shared calls allow administrators to authorize groups of users to make and receive PSTN calls using a shared telephone number and calling plan.

With shared calls, a single phone number and call plan can be shared between a team of users licensed for Teams Phone, via E5 or Teams Phone Standard. Whether supporting 10 people in a small office or 10,000 users in an enterprise, administrators can easily enable shared calls in the Teams admin center by creating a custom shared call policy, assigning a resource and phone number to the custom policy, and then assigning users to that policy.

👉 This new option should be available later in the year, around autumn.


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