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Logitech Rally Bar Huddle


Logitech recently announced the Rally Bar Huddle, a high-end all-in-one video bar for small meeting rooms. This is the latest addition to the Logitech Rally Bar family of conference cameras. Designed to promote equitable videoconferencing meetings, Rally Bar Huddle is quick to set up, simple to manage and easy to integrate with the Tap IP tablet and, of course, the CollabOS system.

Immersive sound and superior picture quality

The Rally Bar Huddle is designed for rooms of up to six people to ensure that each participant is seen and heard clearly. The Rally Bar Huddle features an advanced 4K camera that offers exceptional resolution and incorporates artificial intelligence. Meeting participants enjoy crisp, detailed image quality, allowing facial expressions and important details to be seen. In addition, the camera has advanced zoom capability and a wide field of view to ensure that no one is left out of the group meeting. The ported audio system has been redesigned and makes the Rally Bar Huddle twice as loud as the Logitech MeetUp. Sound pick-up is via six beam-forming microphones and incorporates AI-based noise suppression creating a natural meeting experience for people at a distance.

Recycled plastic

What I like most about this product is Logitech’s dedication to our planet. And yes, the BAr Huddle Rally is made of 42% recycled plastic from consumer electronics products to reduce our carbon footprint. Rally Bar Huddle is certified carbon neutral. The carbon impact of the product and packaging has been reduced to zero through Logitech’s investment in carbon offset or carbon removal projects.

Colors and Accessories

For this product, Logitech has decided to opt for a color that can be modified simply by purchasing a fabric protection that appears to be magnetized.

What’s more, Logitech has worked closely with Heckler to create other, more customized protection. The Rally Bar Huddle can be precision-mounted in a credenza, behind a transparent acoustic panel wrapped in custom-printed textiles (see photos below).

Prices and availability

Rally Bar Huddle will be available worldwide in July 2023 with a suggested retail price of CAD 2,299.

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