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Poly Studio X52

With the evolution of working methods, virtual meetings have become essential for business collaboration. Microsoft Teams is a leading platform in this field, offering advanced communication and collaboration features. To further enhance the virtual meeting experience, Poly, a major player in audio and video solutions, has developed the new Poly

Explicit consent for recorded meetings

Did you know that there’s a new setting in the Microsoft Teams meeting strategy that allows you to impose that your meetings organized by some or all users must obtain explicit user consent before they can be recorded. This innovative feature is designed to offer greater transparency and enhance the

Neat Board 50 and Application Hub

A few days ago, Neat presented us with their latest innovations, revealing their new Neat Board 50 and its revolutionary companion, theApp-Hub. Neat Board 50 The Neat Board 50 is an all-in-one videoconferencing system all-in-one that pushes the boundaries of the virtual meeting experience. With its 50-inch 4K screen and

Virtual reception

With the new update (1449/ of the application on Microsoft Teams screens the virtual reception functionality is now generally available! Virtual reception lets you welcome and serve visitors or employees via a video call on a Teams screen. It can be used for virtual reception, helpdesk and a variety of

Obscenity filter

Did you know that Microsoft Teams has an obscenity filter to detect offensive and rude words in your meetings? The effectiveness of the filter and its ability to mask swear words depend on a number of factors, such as the quality of the microphone, or the selected transcribed language. When

Logitech Rally Bar Huddle

Introduction Logitech recently announced the Rally Bar Huddle, a high-end all-in-one video bar for small meeting rooms. This is the latest addition to the Logitech Rally Bar family of conference cameras. Designed to promote equitable videoconferencing meetings, Rally Bar Huddle is quick to set up, simple to manage and easy

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