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Microsoft Teams is constantly evolving to offer users an ever more enriching collaboration experience. Among the latest innovations, Microsoft has introduced Intelligent Recap, a revolutionary feature that simplifies the management and summarization of meetings. In this article, we’ll explore this exciting feature in detail, focusing on its benefits and impact on Teams productivity. The intelligent summary has been in public pre-release since May 19, 2023 and is a feature available only to Teams Premium license holders.

What is Intelligent Recap?

Intelligent Recap is an intelligent Microsoft Teams feature designed to automatically summarize meetings and extract key points. Thanks to ArtificialIntelligence, this feature saves users precious time by eliminating the need to review entire meeting recordings.

How does it work?

When you activate Intelligent Recap in Microsoft Teams, the tool automatically analyzes the meeting recording and identifies key moments, decisions made, actions to be taken, and important information shared during the meeting. It then generates a concise summary which is available to all meeting participants. This summary can include notes, audio recordings, transcripts, screenshots and even links to relevant documents.

Video on how to use Microsoft Intelligent Recap

The benefits of Intelligent Recap

  1. Time-saving :
    Thanks to Intelligent Recap, participants no longer need to spend hours reviewing meeting recordings. They can simply consult the summary and instantly obtain all the essential information.

  2. Greater productivity:
    This feature allows you to focus on important tasks and make decisions more quickly by having access to the key points of the meeting.

  3. Effective collaboration:
    Summaries generated by Intelligent Recap can be shared with team members who were unable to attend the meeting, promoting transparent communication and improved collaboration.

What are the known limitations?

  • Smart features are only available to Teams Premium users and for meetings that have been transcribed and
    . Users can toggle an option to be anonymized in meeting transcripts, by accessing the Teams setting > Legends and transcripts.
  • AI-generated notes and AI-generated tasks will not be available to EU holders in the initial release in May.
  • AI-generated notes and AI-generated tasks will only be available in English for the initial release in May.
  • The Collaborative Meeting Notes component will start rolling out at the end of May.


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