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QR code authentication in Teams

Teams Displays with the hotdesking experience will make it easy this summer to reserve an office space and know if you will have a workspace when you arrive. In fact, with the latest QR code login experience coming later this summer, hotdesking users will be able to seamlessly access their personal Microsoft Teams account by scanning a QR code on a Teams screen and using the Teams app on their cell phone to log in faster. With this update, your users will no longer need to manually enter their credentials on the device, which will increase your users’ productivity. This feature was introduced after running some tests on the Teams screens in the phone rooms on the Microsoft campus. Users involved in the testing process provided valuable feedback, informing Microsoft that logging into the device was tedious and inefficient, so the ability to log in with a QR code should speed up that process.

Below is an example of an application (home-made assembly)😉

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