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Update of the PowerShell Module v5.0.0

Microsoft Teams has just released a major version major release of their PowerShell Module, version 5.0.0.
This version is now generally available and contains major updates such as :

  • Performance improvement when executing the Get-CsOnlineUser command
  • New filtering capabilities for scenarios without the -Identity parameter.
  • Performance improvement, especially with -Filter scenarios such as the use of the generic operator (*), OnPrem* and time attributes.
  • New attributes will also be included in the output, such as: CountryAbbreviation, SipProxyAddress, TeamsMediaLoggingPolicy, UserValidationErrors, WhenCreated.
  • The following attributes will also be available, when filtering: Alias, City, CompanyName, HostingProvider, UserValidationErrors, OnPremEnterpriseVoiceEnabled, OnPremHostingProvider, OnPremLineURI, OnPremSIPEnabled, SipAddress, SoftDeletionTimestamp, State, Street, TeamsOwnersPolicy, WhenChanged, WhenCreated, FeatureTypes, PreferredDataLocation, LastName.

For more details, see the release note below.

Version note

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