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Microsoft Teams PSTN phone options

Having trouble choosing between the options available in Microsoft Teams telephony? Microsoft in collaboration with
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Microsoft Calling Plans

This option is the easiest and fastest to set up, everything is included in the Microsoft cloud. Microsoft then becomes your phone provider. Microsoft calling plans are a great choice when :

  • Enabling Microsoft Teams telephony quickly is a priority
  • You want simplified management and it is important for you to provide an all-in-one solution
  • You have no existing PSTN infrastructure on site to interconnect with (SBC or physical lines)
  • Your users are located in one of the 34 countries where Teams Calling plans are available

Connected Operator

Easily bring phone calling functionality to Teams and have it managed by a local phone operator via a participating carrier. The connected operator is designed for organizations that want to:

  • Keep a contract you have with your existing operator for fixed line numbers or want to select a new operator from the list of connected operator partners
  • Have a fully managed solution – the calling services and PSTN infrastructure are fully managed by the operator with Microsoft
  • Have users in locations where Teams Calling plans are not yet available
  • Fast and easy deployment! Simply log in to your carrier and assign phone numbers to users, all from the Teams admin center

–» To find a connected operator in your area –» Click HERE

Microsoft Teams Mobile

Assign a single company-provided cell phone number as your office, mobile and Teams phone number. Teams Phone mobile was designed in collaboration with Microsoft and some connected operators to :

  • Enable better mobility for hybrid and mobile workers with a single company-provided number for Teams and mobile calls
  • Eliminate the costs associated with fixed line service for these users
  • Enforce security, compliance and policy settings on mobile devices
  • Deploy, configure and manage Teams calls quickly and easily
  • Get all the benefits of a connected carrier for employees with company-provided mobile numbers (e.g., leverage your preferred wireless carrier contracts and mobile numbers)

Direct Routing

This highly customizable option allows you to maintain your existing carrier and PSTN telephony investments by connecting your Session Border Controller(s) (SBC) to the phone system. Direct routing is suitable for organizations that :

  • Requires connectivity in countries not covered by Teams calling plans, a connected carrier or Teams Phone Mobile providers
  • Are subject to regulatory, compliance or survivability requirements that dictate on-site connectivity and impose survivability in the event of an internet link failure
  • Has a contract with an existing telephone provider and wants or needs to maintain it

Download Microsoft’s advice, so you can understand which options are best for your business.

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