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Logitech’s Ghost project

At the ISE 2023 conference in Barcelona, Logitech unveiled their “ghost project” in collaboration with Steelcase, a holographic booth. This booth will allow you to follow a video conference while sitting comfortably on a sofa and you will have the impression that your interlocutor is in front of you. The booth will use the technique under the name of Pepper’s Ghost effect, which was used, for example, the dancing ghosts in the haunted ride of Disney. In addition, Logitech announced that their holographic booth would be compatible with platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meet, since the onboard equipment is none other than their Rally video conferencing system.

You can see above a model of the cabin, which shows us how the elements are arranged.

As far as price goes, Project Ghost probably won’t be a consumer purchase for most. According to MobilSyrup, Alex Mooney, Logitech’s head of alliances and go-to-market, reportedly said that the MSRP of the Project Ghost Rally system is $2,099 USD (or about $2,799 CAD). Add to that the cost of the Steelcase furniture, and the booth will likely cost over $10,000 in Canada. As a result, Project Ghost is likely to be more widely adopted in offices.


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