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Control your Teams meeting via Stream Deck

Microsoft announced it yesterday, you will now be able to manage and control your Microsoft Teams meetings and webinars via a button on your Elgato Stream Deck. With hybrid work being the new norm today, people continue to present and attend meetings and webinars more and more remotely on Teams.

As a presenter, it can be difficult to manage the presentation, to get in front of the camera, without the added stress of wondering if you’ve started recording, blurring your background, or muting yourself when you’re not presenting. It can also be difficult to react quickly in real time while searching for the right live reaction to use and remembering to raise or lower your hand once you are done talking.

With the new integration of the Elgato Stream Deck plugin with Teams, you will now be able to easily manage and control these features directly in a Teams meeting and webinar with the touch of a button. By programming custom keys on the Elgato Stream Deck for some of the most widely used common features in Teams, you’ll be able to manage controls more seamlessly, ensuring you never get stuck in mute again.

Below you will find the available shortcuts that you can add to your Stream Deck profile.


Below is a short homemade video that shows you how to set it up. 

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