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Another new feature from ISE 2023 (Integrated Systems Europe), Neat unveils their equipment management tool which they will call the Neat Pulse.

Neat Pulse will allow you to control all your Neat devices through a simple, yet powerful and intuitive user interface. Complement the Microsoft Teams Administration Center (TAC) by including unique Neat-specific features, Neat Pulse gives you a clear visual overview of single or grouped and paired devices, allowing you to configure, maintain and update them from anywhere as if you were in the room.

Neat will release Neat Pulse in
Spring 2023
and details of the service plan will follow, so stay tuned.

Important notes

  • How much will Neat Pulse cost?
    Details of the service plans will be released when Neat Pulse is available in spring 2023.
  • Will Neat Pulse be offered as a paid subscription?
    Yes, Neat Pulse will be offered as an annual subscription.
  • How can customers buy Neat Pulse?
    Neat Pulse will be sold exclusively through the Neat partner network worldwide starting in spring 2023.
  • Will there be a beta test of Neat Pulse before general availability?
    Yes. Neat will conduct customer trials of Neat Pulse in the first quarter of 2023.
  • Do I have to buy Neat Pulse when I buy my Neat device?
    No. But it is highly recommended to get Neat Pulse to have more peace of mind, maximizing your investments and the availability of your devices.



I’m looking forward to seeing how Neat will position Neat Pulse on the market since most of these competitors already offer a limited but free version of their management tool. I’m thinking of Logitech Sync, Poly Lens, Yealink YMCS and Jabra Xpress.

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