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Teams Phone Mobile

Microsoft announced it at Ignite this year, the Teams Phone Mobile feature is now upon us. Microsoft Teams now has over 12 million users on the public network (PSTN).

With Teams Phone Mobile, Microsoft adds the option of mobility on the cellular network. The vision here is to allow a single company-provided phone number to be used as the user’s mobile and Teams phone number, enabling a new level of mobility, flexibility and efficiency.

Teams Phone Mobile, formerly known as Operator Connect Mobile, is now available to Rogers Business customers  (the first operator partner to offer Teams Phone Mobile) in Canada.

What are the main benefits for our customers?

Create a unified business communication experience.

Provide an inclusive workplace for mobile workers, whether remote, on-premises or hybrid, by integrating Teams with mobility. Users can now use their wireless subscriptions as a corporate team identity.

Reduce costs and eliminate redundancies.

There is no need to use two numbers, allowing companies to eliminate legacy business phone systems. By adding the Operator Connect solution, you can use both wireless and wireline numbers.

Simplify management and governance.

The solution supports all aspects of security and services for all types of devices, including cell phones.

Offer a business-class mobile communications solution.

Mobile network operators can leverage future innovation in their 5G networks through a partnership with Microsoft, which will propel digital transformation for business customers through a distinct, high-quality user experience.


The customer experience:

Your calls will work, on all your devices, wherever you are!

  • Convenience of having a single company-provided number for Teams and your cell phone.
  • Simultaneous ringing on your mobile and Teams.
  • Unified Presence displays the status “In Call” when you use your native keypad.
  • Unified call history and voicemail on your cell phone and Teams.
  • Outgoing calls can be configured to display a company number, keeping your personal number private.

The power of Teams at your fingertips (mobile)

  • Augment native mobile calls to Teams for video and screen sharing, collaboration, adding multiple people to the experience, and recording and transcription capabilities.
  • Transfer calls from your native keypad to others within Teams.

Simplified management of services, devices and policies

  • Easy to deploy, configure and manage.
  • Enforce security, compliance and policy settings on all mobile devices.
  • Benefit from shared technical support, service level agreements, and guaranteed call quality between Microsoft and partner carriers.

Want to migrate or connect your phone system to Teams?

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