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Figma in Microsoft Teams

Do you know Figma and Figjam?

Figma is a design platform for teams to create products together. Teams explore concepts and brainstorm ideas in FigJam, an online whiteboard, before bringing them to life through designs and prototypes in Figma. And because Figma is integrated with the browser, sharing work is as easy as sharing a link, allowing anyone in an organization to contribute to the product development process.

To support asynchronous workflows, Figma and FigJam files can be added as new tabs to any Teams channel so your collaborators can easily find the right files and view them at their own pace. Users can even receive notifications about comments in Teams to stay on top of feedback and keep the work moving forward.

To add Figma to your Teams, simply search for the app in the third-party app panel in Teams and log in to your Figma account.

Once the Figma third-party application is installed, you can add it as a tab in any Teams channel or during a meeting to collaborate with your team on a whiteboard or a product design for example. Below you will find the price posted as of today and as you can see, there is a free option that includes 3 Figma and 3 FigmaJam files. 

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