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SIP Gateway & analog phones

Microsoft announced during this year’s Ignite, some ATA (Analog Telephone Adpater) , see the list below, will be Microsoft Teams compatible via the SIP Gateway.

  • AudioCodes (MP-112 FXS, MP-114 FXS, MP-114 FXS_FXO, MP-118 FXS, MP-118 FXS_FXO, MP-124 FXS)
  • Cisco (ATA 191, ATA 192)
  • Poly (OBI 300, OBI 302)

With this enhancement, Microsoft will finally be able to support analog devices such as elevator phones, paging systems and intercoms. With this addition, Teams Phone will serve a significant number of scenarios that were not previously possible without an SBC.

What you need to know: 
A single ATA can connect several devices via different  ports (RJ11 interface). Each port represents a SIP device from the perspective of the TAC (Teams Admin Center). The hardware ID of each device consists of the MAC address of the ATA and a port number. For example, “00-90-8F-49-28-78:001” is composed of the MAC address of the ATA here 00-90-8f-49-28-78 and the port number 001.

In addition, you will need to upgrade your ATAs to a minimum version supported by the SIP Gateway and register it with Microsoft’s provisioning servers.

The deployment guides are already available thanks to Daryl Hunter. You can find the different preliminary guides on his GitHub –” HERE

You can also download them below: 

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