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Microsoft Teams Shared Device License

Micorosoft announces the
shared device license

Indeed, Microsoft is evolving its software offerings to adapt to the new reality of hybrid work.
The example here is the renaming of the existing Common Area Phone (CAP) license to the Teams Shared Device license to allow for broader functionality involving shared devices.

The Teams shared device license will continue to support the existing user experience for phones deployed in common areas, including support for call queuing, auto attendant, call parking and retrieval, cloud-based voicemail and group support. This license will also support additional use cases for Microsoft Teams screens and Microsoft Teams panels to address the evolution of shared and common space use cases that do not require all the functionality of a Teams Rooms license. Please note that the shared device license does not apply to Microsoft Teams room deployments.

This renamed license will be available by the end of 2022 on all licensing channels for the price of :
8 USD/per device/per month.

Hotdesking on a Teams screen makes it easy to find a workspace by allowing employees to locate and reserve flexible workspaces. With the Teams shared device license, users can reserve a desktop and place a call on the Teams screen. In addition, if users want to access their meetings, discussions and files, they can log in to the hotdesking device with their personal credentials.

For example, the Teams shared device license could be used on a standalone Microsoft Teams panel to allow the reservation of a common space.

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