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Cookies in Teams?

Did you know that Microsoft 365 and Oreo, in October for National Cookie Month, partnered to create THINVITE, a 15-minute break delivered directly to your calendar and to your door😊. Microsoft and Oréo offered a 15min break to those who signed up for one of their sessions on November 1, 2 or 3 and also sent cookies to people’s doors!  

I thought this was really great for me and the cookies were really good. 

Now the real question: Are the Oreos eaten by themselves, are they separated in two before, are they dipped or all at the same time 😂

For those who didn’t have the chance to enjoy this great collaboration between Microsoft and Oreo, you should know that from now on there are two new emojis in Teams: 

Source   –“ OREO THINS x Microsoft 365 Thinvite

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