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Return of call transfer on no answer

Did you know that when transferring a call in Teams, you can select the option to return the call if the person does not answer? If you want to make sure that the caller gets someone on the other end of the line and not a voicemail or an interrupted

Microsoft Front Row

With the new hybrid meeting experience that Microsoft announced in January of this year, called Microsoft Front Row (see here), Microsoft is reinventing the way people collaborate in online meetings for rooms of 8 people or less. This experience allows people in the room to look at each other, but

Ringtone Teams Remixed

Did you know that Microsoft announced on September 14 a remixed ringtone of their default ringtone. The remix is already available in your Teams client! To be able to select the remixed song, simply go to your Teams client settings, select the Calls menu and look for the last song

Poly – Your first MTR

Poly, formerly Polycom, is offering a discount of 45% on their Microsoft Teams Room meeting kits for Windows. The promotion is very interesting when you know the prices of this kind of equipment! The promotion is offered for ONE SINGLE kit per person. The promotion ends on December 31, 2022,

Signature during a Teams meeting!

Today, with Microsoft Teams being one of the preferred platforms for real-time collaboration, signing documents during an online meeting was an unavoidable need to fill. Microsoft has done this through ISV (Idependant Software Vendors) partners The Microsoft Teams store has many integrations with e-signature providers and offers an out-of-the-box solution

GIFShell attack secure your business!

A vulnerability has been discovered across the GIFfy used in Microsoft Teams. This attack allows hackers to use Microsoft Teams to execute phishing-style attacks and allows commands to be executed secretly to steal information and/or data, thanks to a GIF in a conversation. Source: HERE or again ICI Until Microsoft

Lager Gallery view available in September

Microsoft had announced the gallery view that would allow to display up to 49 participants in a meeting. With this update the “large” gallery will be updated automatically without any manual action.  A small preview below: How to activate it? During a meeting simply click on the 3 small dots, then

PowerPoint Live with Teams or Present in PowerPoint on the web

Did you know that you can use the accessibility features of PowerPoint with PowerPoint Live in Teams or make live presentations via PowerPoint on the web? This feature allows you to ensure that everyone can follow your presentation in the language they want. Very interesting video, I invite you to

Automatic translation of subtitles

Microsoft has just announced, for the moment in “public preview”, the automatic translation of subtitles in Teams meetings. Users will now be able to choose subtitles, live, in the language of their choice. All this is possible thanks to the speech translation capabilities of Microsoft Cognitive Service. This will help

RSS feed to Yammer

In order to share the knowledge that I acquire throughout my various professional mandates with our internal team at Solulan, I have set up a Power Automate flow that aims, for the moment to synchronize only my posts that I write on my blog AND that contains in its title

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