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Exchange Migration Errors

When migrating to Office 365, you may encounter different problems or error codes which, in my opinion, are simply explained by the fact that there are several migration methods, each with its own set of prerequisites. So I decided to start a post in order to list all the mistakes I encounter during the mandates I realize. Each box below provides 5 elements:

  • The date of migration
  • Type of migration
  • The error message
  • The cause
  • The solution in my case

Date of migration: 06 March 2015
Type of Migration: Cutover Exchange 2010

Error: ProvisioningFailedException : Failed to update one of the recipient properties.

Cause: After various tests and a little research on the internet, it turns out that this error occurs when a “SendOnBehalfTo” delegation is activated on the user, but the delegated user no longer exists in Exchange. To check this, open an ADSI Edit console and look for the PublicDelegates attribute (see below)

Resolution: If you are in the same situation, simply delete the attribute, again using the ADSI Edit console, and restart your migration batch sync from Office 365.

Migration date: October 21, 2014
Migration Type: Staged Exchange 2003

Error: ProvisioningFailedException: Method ‘GetExchangeDiagnosticsInfoData’ in type ‘Microsoft.Exchange.ProvisioningAgent.AdminAuditLogHealthHandler’ from assembly ‘Microsoft.Exchange.ProvisioningAgent, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35’ does not have an implementation…

Cause: After various tests and checks of my configuration in the client environment, it turns out that the cause of this error is the IIS service. At what level I couldn’t tell you.

Resolution: If you encounter this situation, test your OutlookAnywhere configuration with the test exchange connectivity tool. If you have an error when testing Outlook connectivity and you are sure of your Exchange 2003 servers configuration, just try restarting the IIS service – it worked for me.

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